Levine & Davidson

By purchasing the LeVine & Davidson Pairing you will receive two artworks, one by Betsy LeVine and one by Annamieka Davidson.

The artists are pictured here next to representative artwork - this is artwork they have made but does not necessarily reference the artwork they will make their PDX-CSA projects.

Below each of the artists has described their intentions for their PDX-CSA project.

You can purchase the Pairing (with an applied 10% discount) or if you prefer you may purchase just one of the artist's Projects by selecting the Add Project to Cart option below their individual summary.

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Betsy LeVine

Betsy LeVine uses her attentive brushwork and keen eye for nuances in light and color to celebrate the diverse summer vegetables and fruits she receives from an agricultural CSA. These oil paintings are approximately 8 inches tall by 10 inches wide on locally sourced wood panels.

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You can see more from Betsy on her website or follow her on Instagram.


Annamieka Davidson

Annamieka Davidson weaves botanical imagery with abstraction in compositions that emerge from an intuitive, playful investigation of Oregon forests. The built-up layers of drawing, collage, and paint lead to a density of detail and texture, while Davidson’s lush, saturated acrylic colors keep the 12-inch-by-12-inch paintings immediate.

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You can see more from Annamieka on her website or follow her on Instagram.