Pfeifer & Murdza

By purchasing the Pfeifer & Murdza Pairing you will receive two artworks, one by Hilary Pfeifer and one by Thérèse Murdza.

The artists are pictured here next to representative artwork - this is artwork they have made but does not necessarily reference the artwork they will make their PDX-CSA projects.

Below each of the artists has described their intentions for their PDX-CSA project.

You can purchase the Pairing (with an applied 10% discount) or if you prefer you may purchase just one of the artist's Projects by selecting the Add Project to Cart option below their individual summary.

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Hilary Pfeifer

Hilary Pfeifer brings intuitive abstraction into the sculptural realm. She renders a variety of found woods into ovoids above blocks of wood, with shifting colors, grains, and textures alluding to the practice of grafting plants. The overall sculptures are approximately 12 inches tall, 3 inches wide, and 3 inches deep. 

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You can see more from Hilary on her website or follow her on Instagram.


Thérèse Murdza

Thérèse Murdza’s expressive abstracts feature freestyle organic shapes in vibrant acrylic paint, animated with spirited pencil marks and collage elements that explore movement, texture, and nuances of color. These mixed-media pieces are on fine art paper with an overall size of 20 inches tall by 16 inches wide. 

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You can see more from Thérèse on her website or follow her on Instagram.