PDX-CSA allows the public to purchase artwork at the concept stage and follow updates as the artists complete the art.

Read the project descriptions to find the artists & projects you want to support.

Purchase now to provide the artists with funds to make the artwork. 

Follow the artists' progress updates over the coming months, then receive your completed artwork.


PDX-CSA's second season offers Projects by 10 artists. Collectors purchase artwork from one or more of the Projects starting May 1 and receive their completed artwork in late-August. Each artwork Project is priced between $100 and $150. Collectors can purchase any combination of Projects à la carte, but will receive a 10% discount if they purchase a Pairing. 


All of our artists are based in Portland, but art transcends city boundaries - anyone is welcome to purchase a collection. If you can not pick up the artwork in person in late-August we can ship it to you at cost at that time.