Can I purchase artwork from just one of the artists?

Yes. If you want to purchase artwork from just one artists you can do so. On any Pairing detail page scroll down to the individual artist's name and click 'Add Project to Cart'.
If you want to purchase a Pairing that is a package deal, you get 2 artworks, one from each of the artists. We do hope this program will introduce you to artists you didn't know before and that you'll be so happy with the work that you'll want to continue to support them.

What do I get when I purchase a Project?

When you purchase a Project from a single artist you get single artwork. In the details for each Pairing page the individual artists have each given a summary of their individual project.

What do I get when I purchase a Pairing?

You get 2 artworks, one each from the 2 artists in the Pairing. In the details for each Pairing page the artists have given their project summaries.

Why are the projects/pairings different prices?

The artists are creating works of different sizes and with different materials expenses—and therefore they have different prices.  We allowed the artists to set their own prices (within a certain range).
Additionally, when you purchase a Pairing rather than a single Project (or several single Projects) you get a discount. 

What does limited edition mean in this case?

Though the pieces each artist makes may be variations on an artist's established style, and therefore appear similar to other work, they are unique and exclusive to this year's PDX-CSA. They have never been sold before and won't be sold again (at least at this size, with this exact media, etc). And each artist will create no more than 12 pieces of art for PDX-CSA.

What is the artwork going to look like?

We don't know. Well, we don't know exactly what they will look like. The artists have given us their project summaries—what they think they're going to make—and examples of their past work.  We're all on a journey together to find out how this will turn out.

What if I don't like the finished artwork?

Unfortunately, this is a possibility. We are doing our best to ensure it is quality work—all of the artists went through a jury process to be selected for this year's PDX-CSA, and all the completed pieces of art will be reviewed by us for general consistency and quality level before they are handed over to collectors. But art is, of course, subjective. We hope you'll find a good home for all of the work—either with you or as a gift for someone else—but even if you don't love everything, we hope you'll enjoy the process.

Can I return artwork I don't like?

No. All sales are final, from the time you make your purchase. Thank you for investing in the creative freedom of local artists.

Can I provide feedback to the artists?

One of the things that makes PDX-CSA exciting is that artists know who their collectors are before they make their art—so they will be communicating with you throughout and you are welcome to respond (especially to let the artists know you like their work or that you're excited to see how it turns out) or to ask questions (especially regarding process and inspiration).
PDX-CSA projects are commissions in the sense that you pay up front and the artwork is specifically for you, however, it is not the kind of commission where you ask the artist to make something to match your sofa. 

When do I meet the artists?

We will have our Meet the Artists event in late-August [details soon], 6:00-8:00pm. This a great chance to meet the artists before you make a purchase. 

We will have our closing party/art pick-up event on December 2 at ???(to be announced)???. Pick up your artwork and tell the artists how awesome it is. 

All of our artists are also participating in Portland Open Studios (PDXOS), so you also have the opportunity to visit them in their studios October 14, 15, & 21, 22 as part of that annual studio tour.


This FAQ may be updated with questions as we receive them. If you don't see your question here, please e-mail kristin@pdx-csa.com.