How it Works - for Artists

PDX-CSA supports the creation of new work and allows the community to be engaged in the lifespan of art from concept to completion.

In our inaugural season we will offer 3 collections, each composed of 3 artist. Collectors purchase one (or more) of the collections in early-May and receive their commissioned collection of 3 artworks in late-August. We are selling a maximum of 20 sets of each collection, with each collection priced between $175 and $225.

What does that mean to you as an artist?

Collectors pay for your work up front, and then you create work you know is in demand. Throughout the process, you and your client stay in touch, the collector learning more about your style, process, and philosophy—and growing a greater understanding of art and artists in general.

Summary: By the Numbers

  • 9 artists will be grouped by similar style or media into 3 groups of 3.

  • You will create 20 original pieces* of art in 3 months (late May–late August)—this is fresh work in your style but conceived of for this program, and you will not offer this work (or a print of this work) again.

  • Each piece will be priced by you between $50 and $75.

  • PDX-CSA will take a 25% commission.

  • You will receive 2/3 of your total payment once we finish selling the collections and the final 1/3 upon our receipt of your finished work.

Build a Business, Strengthen a Community

  • Finished work will be subject to a quality check by PDX-CSA to ensure that each artist’s work is of consistent and excellent quality.

  • PDX-CSA will provide you your collectors’ contact information.


  1. Apply for the Portland Open Studios 2015 Tour in order to qualify for the 2015 PDX-CSA. Simply check the box on the tour application that says you’re interested in being considered for the CSA—there is no additional fee to apply for or participate in the CSA. Application here.

  2. Upon acceptance, enter a second round of curating. The judges will consider the following:

    • Quality of work

    • How well the work fits with at least two of the other applying artists

    • Willingness to provide progress reports (photos, videos, text, etc.) to collectors twice a month for three months and to attend one meet-the-artist event and one program-completion art drop-off event

If you have any questions or concerns contact Kristin Thiel,

Thank you for considering applying for PDX-CSA!


Jason Kappus and Kristin Thiel
Founders PDX-CSA


* PDX-CSA reserves the right to decrease the number of pieces of work needed (i.e., if twenty collections are not sold, we will not commission twenty pieces) but not without clear and early communication with artists.