Invitations for PDX-CSA Season 3 have been sent.

Applications for PDX-CSA Season 4 will be available soon.
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          How it Works - for Artists

Like the agricultural CSA where people pay up front for food delivered later, we sell your artwork in advance to collectors based on a description of your intended project and representative images of your work.  
From March 1st until April 16th Collectors can purchase artwork from the PDX-CSA website - either by purchasing artworks from whichever artists they prefer (à la carte) or by purchasing one of the curated Pairings.

Because we solicit all the sales in advance you have the security of creating work that is in demand. 

We ask that you to provide updates* to the collectors throughout the process, but we will help you as necessary. While Collectors are allowed to communicate with you they are instructed not to direct you (as they might in a traditional commission) or make claims on a specific artwork.

Summary: By the Numbers

  • 10 artists will be grouped by similar style or media into 5 Pairings.

  • You will create up to 12 pieces** of art in 2 months (mid April–mid June)—this is fresh work in your style but conceived of for this program.

  • Each piece will be priced by you between $100 and $150.

  • PDX-CSA will take a 25% commission.

  • You will receive 2/3 of your total payment once we finish selling the collections and the final 1/3 upon our receipt of your finished work.



  • Season 3 is Invitation only.

  • Applications for Season 4 will be available soon.

    You will need to provide us with a description of your intended project, examples of representative artwork, as well as answer a few other questions. 

  • There is no fee to apply or participate in PDX-CSA.

  • It is recommended, but not required that you also apply for Portland Open Studios. You can do that here.

  • During PDX-CSA curation, the following will be considered:

Most important:

  • Quality of existing work
  • Quality of project concept
  • How well the work fits with at least one of the other applying artists

 Also taken into consideration:

  • Artists's location (i.e. preference will be given to artists who live in Portland metro, rather than the areas North of Vancouver, South of Lake Oswego, etc)
  • Whether you have been accepted into PDXOS 2017 (it is in your favor to also apply to PDXOS, but it is not required)
  • Whether you have participated in PDX-CSA previously (it is in your favor to have participated in Season 1 or 2, but it is not required)


If you have any questions or concerns contact Kristin Thiel,

Thank you for considering applying for PDX-CSA!

* Updates defined: Updates need to be some kind of insight into your process and progress on your project.  These updates might take the form of blog posts, photos posted on Instagram, tumblr, Twitter, et cetra.  If you already do this sort of thing - awesome; if you don't, that's okay we're here to help.  
It works to our advantage to stagger these updates throughout the three months to build anticipation for the completion/pick-up event, so if you're going to finish all the work in a week that's fine except don't share the updates all at the same time immediately.  PDX-CSA will re-tweet, re-gram, repost, or post on your behalf through our various outlets.  

** PDX-CSA reserves the right to decrease the number of pieces of work needed (i.e., if only 5 of your projects are sold, we will only ask you to make 5 pieces).