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          How it Works - for Artists

Portland's Community Supported Art (PDX-CSA) presents artists' proposals for art projects to the public. Pre-sales fund the creation of the new artwork and determine the number of artworks made. Sales for Season Four are August 1 through September 17. Collectors gain access to the creative process with insights and updates* from artists and follow along as their ideas become reality.

We collaborate to sell your artwork in advance to collectors based on your project description and then you receive payment up front. This is our flipped marketing strategy—instead of the usual effort of creating work for a show without knowing how many people you can rally to see the show or buy the work, your efforts now determine how much work you’ll make, and you’ll know that every piece already has a home. Then you provide updates during your creation period to allow them insight into you and your process.

Apply for future PDX-CSA Seasons at

What information do we need from applying artists:

  • Describe your project. Content, style, media, size, and price (within $100 - $300 range)
  • Provide images to aid us in understanding your project intent.

What do require of participating artists:

  • Headshot and two images of artwork representative of your project intent.
  • Attend an orientation meeting; attend at least one public event; collaborate with us on a marketing plan.
  • Preferred that artists write at least one blog entry about their project and complete a proof-of-concept artwork.
  • After sales are over, collaborate with us on the insight content you will provide to collectors.

Summary: By the Numbers:

  • 10 artists will be grouped by similar style or media into 5 pairs.
  • Each artist will create up to 12 pieces** of art in 2 months (mid August–mid November)—this is fresh work in your style but conceived of for this program.
  • Each piece will be priced by you between $100 and $300.
  • PDX-CSA will take a 25% commission.
  • You will receive 2/3 of your total payment after the sales period ends and the final 1/3 upon our receipt of your finished work.

During CSA curation, the following will be considered:

  • Most important:
    • Quality of existing work
    • Quality of project concept
    • How well the project fits with another applying artist
  • Also taken into consideration:
    • Whether you have been accepted into PDXOS 2017 (we may take a couple of artists not participating in PDXOS 2017, but your current or previous participation in PDXOS is essentially required)


If you have any questions or concerns contact Kristin Thiel,

Thank you for considering applying for PDX-CSA!

Apply for future PDX-CSA Seasons at


* Updates defined: Updates need to be some kind of insight into your process and progress on your project.  These updates will primarily be e-mails, but might also take the form of blog posts, photos posted on Instagram, tumblr, Twitter, et cetra.  If you already do this sort of thing - awesome; if you don't, that's okay we're here to help.  
It works to our advantage to stagger these updates throughout the three months to build anticipation for the completion/pick-up event, so if you're going to finish all the work in a week that's fine except don't share the updates all at the same time immediately.  PDX-CSA will re-tweet, re-gram, repost, or post on your behalf through our various outlets.  

** You will only make as many pieces as sell through during the sales period (i.e., if only 3 of your projects are sold, we will only ask you to make 3 pieces).