Gain access to the creative process with insights and updates from artists as ideas become reality. 



PDX-CSA's fourth season offers Projects by six artists. Collectors purchase artwork from one or more of the Projects starting August 1 and receive their completed artwork in early-December.

Find more information on how this works for collectors or read Project details.

Each artwork Project is priced between $200 and $300. Collectors can purchase any combination of Projects à la carte, but will receive a 10% discount if they purchase a Pairing.


Why PDX-CSA is good for you and for artists

Artwork is limited opportunity
The artworks made for these projects are only available through PDX-CSA.


Projects are priced $300 or less. With our à la carte option you can choose just one Project   (or you can purchase any combination of Projects).


It's your choice which Projects to support and you have both the representative images the artists have provided and their Project descriptions to help you know what to expect. But how the exact artwork you will receive looks will be an exciting surprise. 


Artwork is limited quantity
Each artist will make no more than twelve pieces.


Supporting Creativity
PDX-CSA is structured to give you a unique and insightful experience while supporting and funding artistic freedom.


You receive updates from your artists' about their inspiration, their process, and their progress as they work on their Projects.


Pairings are two artists whose Projects complement each other thematically or stylistically. Pairings have a 10% discount applied. This discount is taken out of PDX-CSA's commission; the artists receive the same amount regardless of discount or promotion.


Artist Friendly
Most of the funds from sales are provided to artists immediately so that their supplies and time are paid for upfront. Additionally PDX-CSA takes only a 25% commission on Projects and a 15% commission on Pairings so that artists receive a fair portion of the sales.


Read the Season 4 Project Descriptions