Portland's Community Supported Art (PDX-CSA) supports the creation of new art and allows the community to be engaged in the lifespan of artwork, from concept to completion.

PDX-CSA solicits proposals from artists for new art projects, then selects the highest quality projects (sometimes around a theme) and presents them to the public. Pre-sales fund the creation of the new artwork and determine the number of artworks made. Collectors can then follow the progress of their artwork as it's made through updates from the artists.  



Artists apply to participate in PDX-CSA. PDX-CSA reviews applications and selects the season's artists.

  • March 15 – Deadline for artists to apply
  • April 1 – Artists are informed of selection results


Project summaries from each artist are presented on the website and sales open with a discounted price on collections. 

  • May 1 – Collections go on sale
  • May 7 – Meet the artists event
  • May 15 – Discounted sales deadline


Artists provide insight into their inspirations and updates on how artwork is being made. 

  • June 8 – First updates on projects
  • June 15 – Final deadline for purchasing
  • June thru August – Artists provide updates


Artists complete their artwork. Artwork is distributed to collectors.

  • August 29 – Pick-up Party

Read more about How it Works for ArtistsHow it Works for Collectors, or scroll down to see this season's collections.


In PDX-CSA's second season we are offering projects by 9 artists. Collectors purchase artwork from one or more of the projects starting May 1 and receive their completed artwork in late-August. Each artwork is priced between $75 and $150. Each project will be limited to a maximum of 20 artworks. Collectors can purchase any combination of project, but receive a discount when they purchase a collection. 

All of our artists are based in Portland, but art transcends city boundaries - anyone is welcome to purchase a collection. If you can not pick up the artwork in person in late-August we can ship it to you at cost at that time.