We want to thank everyone that supported us in our inaugural season in 2015 and everyone who provided feedback. 

The major change from last year to this year is around your purchasing options.

In Season 1 we offered 3 Collections, each composed of 3 Artists' projects. If you bought a Collection you got 3 Artists' projects - all or nothing.  We received feedback and we agree that we should offer you more control in how you support the artists.

So this year choose whichever project or combination of projects you like.  If you want to buy 1 or 3 or 7 - it's up to you. This is our à la carte option. 

Similar to the Collections last year we are offering Pairings this years. Except these Pairings are only suggestions, they are two artists whose projects we think will complement each other well. As an incentive to support the program in this way if you purchase a Pairing you receive a 10% discount on the price. 
I want to note that this discount comes out of PDX-CSA's commission; each artists gets the same amount of money for their project whether you purchase it à la carte or as part of a pairing.