I’ve always been very influenced by places, especially wild places, and what they mean to us. Places influence us in ways we can’t begin to understand. Through our travels, we are of past places and of new places. When I paint, I am thinking of these places and what they evoke in us, how we are rooted to them and how we move through them. Until now, the places I painted were made of memory and imagination, but they were not real. They were creations, based on my own experiences.

For the first time, I am taking those wild places in my imagination and finding the real ones that exist in Oregon’s rich, natural landscapes. I will spend the summer taking in the new, the expansive, the lush and the diverse and painting what I see en plein air.

Plein air painting is foreign territory in the encaustic world, primarily because hot wax is unforgiving in an environment without electricity. With a few adjustments to my technique, I plan to conquer those challenges and do something outside my norm, and my studio comforts, in hopes of creating something new and innovative.

A willing heart, a sense of excitement, and an intrepid spirit will carry my work forward this summer and hopefully the result will be a CSA series filled with happy surprises. I can’t wait to see what happens.