Hey Beautiful People!

I'm back for a quick update on my pieces for the Graft series, part of the PDX-CSA that's connected to Portland Open Studios, in which I'm also participating!

As you will recall, my series is a made up from several different woods, all scrap from other larger projects. Here's a little insight into the woods that will be in these sculptures:

Starting at the top and base, we have some black walnut. This beautiful wood is the bane of a gardener's existence if they're trying to grow vegetables nearby. The tree makes the soil around it quite acidic, and people like me sad. I actually have a large English Walnut in my backyard, with which I have a love/hate relationship. On a hot summer's day, it knocks at least ten degrees off of my studio. It's beautiful to look at. It's a lot of cleanup. But I still love it.

The second wood down is a hard maple that was part of a cutting board.

The third down from the top is Peltogyne, more commonly known as purpleheart. It's a common exotic wood found in Central and South America. Below that is Zebrawood, found in the same part of the world. I love being able to buy these two woods in small scrap and using them minimally in projects like these.

The light colored wood at the bottom is a birch--a very common and easy to work with wood. I like how the bright tan stands out and highlights the little round balls that I randomly embedded in the surface.