Whooowee!  What a whirlwind this past month has been!  After an exciting array of events including a two-week sickness in June, being surprised by my Dad and sister for my birthday at the end of that month, opening a show at the Guardino gallery, announcing my very first pregnancy (due in December!  Yippee!) and taking a week-long babymoon to the dreamy desert of Eastern Oregon with my beau Jeff, who is now a week out from ACL replacement surgery and recovering nicely, I have FINALLY turned my focus to the lovely and exciting task of documenting the absolutely delicious vegetables and fruits that pick up every Wednesday from my Winter Green Farm CSA.  

I have been admiring, documenting and devouring these delicious deliveries each week, creating a cache of photos from which I am choosing the subjects for my PDX-CSA collectors.  I have also been cooking up a storm (I am, of course, eating for two these days) and documenting some of that as well.   For the next six weeks I look forward to sharing a new blog post with you, highlighting both the bounty that I am receiving and details about my process as well as, of course, updates and photos of the works in progress.  

For now, I am pleased to give you a smattering of examples of the photos that I have taken so far (which each may or may not be used as a painting subject) as well as sneak peeks at the paintings I have worked on in the past week:  

Above are some examples of photos taken of the choicest and most beautiful produce in my June boxes.  As you can see, strawberries are highlighted and greens (including this gorgeous leaf of red lettuce) were abundant.

Most of those strawberries ended up in my morning yogurt, and that spinach was turned into some savory Indian saag (sans paneer, this time).  

Below, you can see some images of a few of the paintings that I have finished (!!) and/or are in progress currently.  Two and a half down, six and a half to go!

For more consistent (pretty much daily) updates on not only my PDX-CSA project but also the delightful flowers I meet on the street and in the woods every day, photos of beautiful places I visit, and the occasional picture of my cat (ie my administrative assistant), follow me on Instagram!