A selection of Instagram posts depicting the trajectory shifts of Thérèse's CSA project:

--> deadline pivot from the horizontal + other experimental shape-making... in a good way.

the commission press is its own planet of needs and wants and I landed here (for now; still time...). and so: tonight's open lookg on the latest iterations for the special super summer project for the @pdxcsa.

more (yes you) soon

late nite snap all up on one of eight @pdxcsa.

w love + thx for yr good lookg on the lines + shapes. here + w me.

still summer.
more soon.

another one of eight @pdxcsa.
it got hot again in #pdx (still summer).

unexpectedly epic convos today w several beloveds (money. freedom. hope. beauty. travel. and: taking care of hearts.). one fav even called out of the blue on the tele- part of the -phone. #oldskool

otherwise: taking in yr every good lookg + word on the work these days. it matters.

more soon. 

got a bee in my bonnet or i might just b(ee) keepg the @pdxcsa collectors in suspense.

in any case, lots on my admin plate these days so I made nine more things.

destination stay tuned.

thx for yr good lookg + w me (always).


--> inside baseball: green series made for @pdxcsa (see earlier posts) filed under 'perfectly fine experiment on way to final-final'

bc I love a redux. deep-dove for one more intensive make(out)-session right before deadline. sometimes 24 hrs is a lifetime in paintland.

off to collectors before I cld look close IRL, so I'll do it here + w you. 


full on one of eight final-finals 20"x15" on paper for @pdxcsa.

already out to collectors so I'm lookg on them bit longer here + w you.