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By purchasing the Ceramics Collection you will receive three artworks, one each by Sally Squire, Mandy Stigant, and Careen Stoll.

The artists are pictured here next to representative artwork - this is artwork they have made but does not necessarily reference the artwork they will make their PDX-CSA projects.

Below each of the artists has described their intentions for their PDX-CSA project. 

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PDX-CSA Season 1, Ceramics Collection Project Summaries:

Artist 7 - Sally Squire:

Not far from Portland, the ocean is home to so much life. Sally’s porcelain objects explore the delicate form of flanges found on clam shells. Mount the pieces, each approximately 5 inches in diameter, on the wall or place them on a table.

You can see more from Sally on Pinterest, follow her on Instagram or Facebook.

Artist 8 - Mandy Stigant

A pleasure to hold, Mandy’s wheel-thrown ceramic bottles have generous bellies and long, narrow necks. They are fired in a gas reduction with a glaze that renders the whole surface a cool black. The vessels are approximately 14 inches tall and 8 inches wide.  

You can see more from Mandy on her website or follow her on Instagram.


Artist 9 - Careen Stoll

Cheer your space with hand-thrown porcelain flower vases. Approximately 7 inches tall and 5 inches wide, with smooth white exteriors and brightly colored interiors the vases can be held by an ergonomic notch in their graceful necks.

You can see more from Careen on her website.