2017 PDX-CSA Season 3 Schedule


Artists apply to participate in PDX-CSA. PDX-CSA selects the season's artists.

  • January 22 - Details about Season 3 program revealed
  • January 30 - Deadline for
    invited artists to confirm
  • Feb 18 – Deadline for all project information from artists


Project summaries from each artist are presented on the website. Projects go on sale.

  • March 1 – Projects go on sale
  • March 20 – 'Meet the artists' event at The Addy (1222 NW 18th)
    from 6:00 - 8:00pm
    Talk to artists about their projects and see examples of their artwork


Artists provide insight into their inspirations and updates on how artwork is being made. 

  • April 5 – Artists provide further insights on their projects
  • April 16 – Deadline for purchasing PDX-CSA Season 3 projects
  • April thru June – Artists provide updates


Artists complete their artwork. Artwork is distributed to collectors.

  • June 24 – Pick-up Party
    at [??]
    Get your artwork and meet the artists who made it